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Med Air Solutions is a company offering products for people who are “serious” about air purification.

Med Air Solutions is owned by Competitive Edge Services, LLC, which was founded in Nashville, Tennessee in 2014. The company focuses on products that improve air quality utilizing UV-C technology in Homes, Restaurants, Dental/Doctors Offices, Nursing Homes, Day Care Centers and Hair/Nail Salons.


Family using Med Air 400 Air Purifier


The Rx400 was engineered to fight the common cold, bacteria, mold, influenza viruses, volatile organic compounds like paint and varnish, and odors like pets and smoking. Designed with patented ViraTech® Air Purification technology that is owned and manufactured by Vystar Corporation. The unit is filter-less and delivers the same UV-C germ killing power and effectiveness available in many hospitals, into your home or small business.   

Med Air Solutions is committed to improving the lives of our customers with quality air purification products and superior service. Our flagship customer “The Med Stay” is located in Nashville, Tennessee and is the pioneer for providing temporary medical housing for patients that require short or long-term stay medical treatments. The Med Stay is proud to feature the Rx400 in each of their patient rooms. “The Med Stay promotes environmentally sound and sustainable business practices and are the only clean air and green housing option for the people that we serve.”

Please call us at (615) 879-9464 or email directly to info@medairsolutions.com .
3102 West End Ave, Suite 400, Nashville, TN 37203

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