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$55 per month for 18 months at ZERO interest!

Click Here to Use CareCredit to pay for your RX Air 400 in a few easy steps!



Click here to apply for CareCredit. You will be guided through steps to fill out the application.

Once you are approved for your CareCredit account – take note of the account number. You will be asked to enter the new CareCredit account number into the payment approval for the RX Air 400. You are now ready to follow the instructions below to proceed with ordering!


Please follow the instructions below to order and pay for your RX Air 400.

    1. Place the RX Air 400 in your shopping cart
    2. Click check out
    3. Enter your Email or Phone and your Shipping address
    4. The next page will ask about shipping method choose Free Shipping and then Continue to payment
    5. Under payment select CareCredit
    6. Click Complete Order
      1. This will create an order number which will be entered to make payment
    7. Go to https://www.carecredit.com/Pay/SBJ577/ to make the payment so it will be shipped
      1. On the first page hit continue it will redirect you to the payment page
        1. Enter your name
        2. In the box asking for Invoice Number enter the Order Number from your order on our site.
        3. Fill out the amount $(cost of the RX Air 400 plus sales tax)
        4. Use your CareCredit information to complete the CareCredit account information section.
      2. The next page will let you select your Promotion that you want to use
        1. Select 18 months Deferred Interest/ No interest if paid in full option and click next to review.
      3. Review that all information looks correct and proceed
      4. Your order has been processed and will be marked as paid and shipped within a couple of days




    The Rx Air 400 can qualify for a Letter of Medical Necessity. A Letter of Medical Necessity is the same as a Doctor's Statement. It's a letter written by your doctor, verifying that the medication or product you are buying with your Healthcare FSA is for a diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of a disease. This letter is required by the IRS for certain eligible expenses.

    Simply request your doctor to write the letter for your records and order your unit today!

    Purchase your Rx Air 400 with pre-tax funds from your Health Savings Account or your Flexible Spending Account.